Emily Grace

by Loren Edward Wheeler

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I was in Oakland feeling lost and deeply imbalanced, needing change. The choice was to either turn toward death and end my own life, or to begin the slow and diligent process of affirming existence and placing my intention on becoming far stronger, embodied, and connected to life as a whole than I had ever been before. I woke up one morning and recorded the first track of this album. I woke up the next morning and did the same, as well as the day after that, and after eight days I had a set of songs which now, exactly one year later, has become this album, One.

By virtue of its origins and the intention behind its creation, this album is a prayer of opening myself to the experience of being alive. It is an affirmation of our inherent unity on this earth, the unity of all that is. As its own autonomous self, "One" has helped me and continues to help me in being more easeful in every moment, and consistently reminds me of a feeling of being at home on this earth, intrinsically interwoven with all of life. I pray and intend that it offers something of deep and tangible value to all who hear its vibrations.

The name Emily Grace was a name I was born with. My parents had chosen it (Emily Grace Wheeler) when an ultrasound indicated the likelihood of me being a baby girl. During that time in Oakland, in the draw to find more balance within myself, I took on the name as a way of affirming this balance of masculine and feminine energies which I felt within myself, and which was helpful to bring about in the form of the name. I titled this album Emily Grace as a way of honoring my birth, the feminine energies within my being, and in recognition of what could have been, and what is in existence now.

May it be so,

June 2013

All sounds originate from the human voice. The one exception is one guitar track in "juntos : truth"



released 08 June 2013



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Track Name: Juntos
Hay que trabajar juntos para sostener la vida

We must work together to sustain this life
Track Name: Emily Grace
Nineteen Breaths